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The mission of The Portal:

Formation of favorable information, socio-cultural, business and educational environments for sustainable development of nuclear energy country.

Objects of The Portal:

accelerating the search and access to necessary data and information; the creation of new knowledge and the promotion of participation in research, education and training programs in the nuclear industry.

The portal is developed in the frame:

  1. The State Scientific Program "Informatics and space, scientific security and protection against emergencies", subprogram "Informatics", grant 1.35 (2014-2015);
  2. The State Scientific Program "Energy Systems, Processes and Technologies" for 2016–2020, subprograms 1.3 "Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Physics Technologies", grant 3.1.15 (2016–2018);
  3. The State Scientific and Technical Program "Intelligent information technologies", grant 1-02 (2016-2020);
  4. State Program "Science-intensive technologies and equipment", Subprogram 3 "Scientific support for the efficient and safe operation of the Belarusian nuclear power plant and promising areas development of nuclear energy” (2021-2025);
  5. State Program on the development of the state system of scientific and technical information of the Republic of Belarus (2021-2025).

The portal software is a part of the framework eLab based on free software. The framework eLab is a well-designed software product that is in constant use, easily modified and adapted to demands of the project. There are no analogues of the system eLab in the Republic of Belarus.


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  2. ” Information tool for preservation, access and retrieval of nuclear knowledge in the frame of portal BelNET”. Presentation at the XIV-th International School-Conference "The Actual Problems of Microworld Physics", August 12-24, 2018.
  3. “Original belarusian information system for regulatory authority in the field of nuclear and radiation safety under the IAEA supervision”. Presentation at the XXVIII International Seminar in memory of Prof. V.I. Kuvshinov "NONLINEAR PHENOMENA IN COMPLEX SYSTEMS Fractals, Chaos, Phase Transitions, Self-organization", May 18-21 мая 2021 г., Minsk.
  4. Portal eLab
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